5 Ways To Manage Brain Fog

Managing brain fog isn’t easy but here are a few ways in which I try to deal with it. 1. NOTEBOOKS I don’t go anywhere without pen and paper! During moments of brain fog, I can’t trust or rely on my brain to remember. Writing things down is a must, I fail to remember keyContinue Reading

Cloudy with A Chance of Brain Fog

Waking up to an array of different symptoms each morning is pretty standard for those living with a chronic illness. My least favourite symptom is ‘Brain Fog’. What is Brain Fog? It is a blanket term that describes problems with memory, problem solving, focus and other cognitive functions. Also referred to as mental fatigue. MyContinue Reading

10 Ways I Manage My Driving Anxiety

Last week, my boyfriend asked me if I could drive us to London for a friend’s birthday. I was quick to say yes, knowing his car was in for repairs. I was more than happy to help out. Of course I can drive us…no worries…  And then my mind spiralled into a familiar panic. IContinue Reading


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